Instruction for using a new barrel

Instructions for use

In order to be able to use your barrel for a long time, please follow the instructions presented below.

Along with the barrel you receive a stand, a spigot and a bung. After having assembled the stand, place the barrel on it.

Put the spigot into the spigot hole, and hammer it carefully into the hole.

Then pour boiling water into the barrel. Into a 5 liter barrel please pour about 2.5 liter water.

Place the bung into the bunghole. Shake the barrel for a few minutes up and down, left and right.

Do not be surprised, if some water leaks out of the barrel, it will stop when the wood will swell.

Leave the barrel on the stand for about a day. After the barrel has been initiated this way, do not let the wood dry out, keep liquid in it

Enjoy using the barrel for a long time. Cheers!

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