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Whiskey barrel
Whiskey barrel
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The smith of wood

Cooper in workMy name is Tibor Szőke, I am a cooper, a traditional craftsman, living in Haraly (Kovászna county). I learned the cooperage craft from my father, as he did from his father; the skills passed on from one generation to the next.

Our world is changing constantly, but I keep the traditional craft of the cooper alive here in the village of Haraly, and by drawing your attention to the wares made by myself, hope that you will find among them something that you like, that corresponds to your needs and that maybe you will accept my open invitation to visit my workshop here in Haraly.







Haraly Cooperage Products:

  • wine barrels of oak
  • brandy barrels of oak and mulberry
  • tubs of pine and oak wood for storing cabbages and plums
  • churns, milk pails and buckets/tubs of pine wood
  • tubs for flowers, buckets for fountains, smaller containers called "kártya" of oak, beech and pine wood
  • sauna tubs and bathtubs of pine

Furthermore, I also make unique and bespoke products on request.

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Everywhere you can find ceramic, iron or acrilic version of bath sinks.We have our wooden sink here, for you. Same time traditional, and same time modern too. Please check our description and see our offer for this beautifull hand made eco bath wooden sinks.


Wooden bath sink

Wooden bath sink


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We carve barrels and this way we personalize them. The customer tells us his or her idea and we carve it in the wood, on the header of the barrels. It may be said, that carving is a hobby for us. But let the carved barrels speak for themselves.


Hand carved barrel


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