Whiskey or brandy barrels

Traditionally  made aprox. 5 litres oak barrels.

Made for aging whiskey, brandy, cogniac or palinka.

Every single barrel is traditionally made, is toasted and ready for aging your spirit.

Our kegs inside is toasted, outside is lacquered, and every keg has 4 hoops.

The stand is made in other wood like oak, but the spigot and bung is made in oak.

Usually we need 2-4 week for crafting the barrel, after your order.


Barrels for whiskey, brandy, spirit and palinka.

Oak whiskey barrels in different sizes for home use. They are made using traditional techniques of székely people coopers. Quality oak wood may be found in the Háromszék basin, we only need to look for them and process them. In the oak wood there are substances, which aid the fermentation of the wine and enrich its flavour. The oak wood is seasoned under natural conditions for 2 years. This exposure to the rain, wind and sun helps to reduce green tannins and the wood becomes mature. All our barrels are made entirely ecologically without the use of any glues, impregnates or paints, but for the buyers ask we can laquered them. These beautifully crafted barrels are perfect for whiskey or wine storage. Apart from their decorative use, they serve a practical purpose in you home, or can be ideal in any restaurants and bars.


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